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Friday, December 22, 2006

Electronic Records Management – Gaining More Traction

Electronic records management as part of enterprise content management is a high spend area across verticals. We are also seeing a lot of consolidation amongst the vendors operation in the space- Hummingbird+Opentext, Filenet+IBM etc following the successful Documentum +EMC combination. John Mancini points to the findings of the recent study : Electronic Records Management: For Most, It’s Still “Waiting for Godot”. A very interesting study with abundant insights:
- Managing Electronic Information Still #2 Priority in Most Organizations (vs. Paper)
- Many Records Management Programs Just Cover the Tip of the Iceberg
- Organizations—Especially Medium Sized Ones—Are Vulnerable to New e-Discovery Rules
- In Searching for an Electronic Records Solution, Organizations Stress the Basics
- RM Outsource Opportunities Exist, Especially as RM Requirements Grow More Complex
Another interesting finding therein : There is significant variation in how vertical segments view these market drivers. Those in the public sector—perhaps because of the close link between these systems and their ability to satisfy constituent demands—clearly understand the link between effective records management and efficiency and customer service. In an earlier post Mancini points to this survey result titled -11th annual "top ten challenges" survey and points to the higher rankings of top 10 technologies list, where the ECM industry is well represented - RM and DM at #4, KM at #7, and E-mail at #9, up significantly from their 2005 rankings.

State and local employees are clearly on the front lines when it comes to the customer impact of their records management system choices. The drivers for the private sector respondents were significantly more focused on avoiding risk than improving service. This I believe is all set to change. I liked the detailed survey methodology therein – a good coverage of sector,issues and vertical needs.

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