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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Teqla – Fresh Breath Of Air

Jeff Nolan, fellow enterprise irregular, joins Teqlo . He explains that with Teqlo, development is treated as a data flow problem, not a programming flow problem. The core piece of technology innovation here is the routing methodology and not the semantic definition of components. He adds, that Teqlo takes web services that are wrapped up as components, called as Teqlets, and determines the optimal sequencing based on the data inputs/outputs of each component. Teqlos follow a data flow model of sequencing that is roughly analogous to the internet itself with each Teqlo having a starting state and a successful completion state, and the Teqlo infrastructure determines the appropriate path to link the services together by
routing data to each service based on what it is asking for and producing. In short, he summarizes, views, assemble, publish, invite is what Teqlo is all about.

As I see it, the idea is to provide data integration in the framework of business processes. The modeling, integration along with handling decoupling, fan-in, an-outs of business processes are always the toughest part of process management. In real life situations more often than not, we see that bringing together different functions/modules in real time across the enterprise is always a challenge owing to technological, process, legacy, convenience, underinvestments or plain apathy. But sadly the efficacy of the external view of the enterprise data depends on a real-time, homogeneous data and their availability. Many of the IT assets leverage this to a large extent. To me the idea behind Teqlo is to empower the user to overcome these limitations – conventional BPM tools leverage BPEL’s whereas here the case appears to be one of trying to discover a path on the fly instead of pursuing predefined paths using standard connect mechanisms. This is an high growth area in the enterprise segment - one thats capable of provding rich benefits to enterprises deploying effective solutions. This is also an evolving and interesting area. The appraoch here clealry qualifies to be viewes as a breakthrough approach – the effectiveness need to be studied in different contexts (legacy, non web based situations as well)but not to deny a fresh approach towards changing the order of things, the need for which Jeff emphasized earlier. Teqla needs to be closely watched for not just the power of the idea, its execution, adaption in various enterprises and results seen therein. Best wishes Jeff and Teqlo team.

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