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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Google News Archive : An Important Advance In Search World

Google launches News Archive Search. This lets you search back over twenty decades worth of historical content, including content that were not previously available via the search engine. Archived news results can be found in three ways. You can search the news archives directly through a new News Archive Search page. News archive results are also returned when you search on Google News or do a general Google web search and your query has relevant historical news results.

Searchenginewatch adds that both free and fee-based content is included in Archive Search, with content from both publishers and aggregators. Search results available for a fee are labeled "pay-per-view" or with a specific price indicated. Google does not host this content; clicking on a link for fee-based content takes you to the content owner or aggregator's web site where you must complete the transaction before gaining access to the content.A quick view shows that the search results look similar to those produced by a search on Google news, along with a few additional time-related features. It is interesting to see the way how the system shows the progressive build up of topic/event over time. The "timeline" link reorders results in chronological order; you can then drill down to get content from specific dates simply by browsing and options available to limit search results to a single day as well. Google explains the features as :
- Search diverse sources from one place
- Browse timelines of events and stories related to specific queries
- Identify key time periods relevant to persons/events/ideas
- Discover a variety of viewpoints across time
Some libraries indeed provide to subscribers free search results whereas Google may make these available on a as –you-use - pay basis. While Google may like to say that it has not finalised on monetisation of this service, it it clearly a fit case to assume that a new revenue channel gets opened for Google. No doubt this is an incredible advance. Also to note is that Google scholar search was notexactly such a great hit. Search results have suffered on account of lack of such features and generally currnetness preced importance or pushed old information out. This is likely to become a very used service, coming as it is from Google.

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