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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The 2.0 Craze : Coverage Ahead Of Reality

Peter Rip finds that 2.0 is now in common usage.There is Web 2.0, Where 2.0, Business 2.0, Office 2.o,Enterprise 2.0, Advertising 2.0, Voice 2.0, Lunch 2.0, Business Development 2.0, Hindsight 2.0.

Let me add identity 2.0 ,Mobile 2.0,Mobile web 2.0, BPM 2.0, SaaS 2.0, SOA 2.0 to the list. Ofcourse, at this time it is wrong to talk about Kiko, but would be better off by looking at Gartner sanctifying web2.0. It is better to point to Microsoft’s(perhaps the largest software company) brilliant move to match the 2.0 phenomenon and it finds that it is time for it come with buyback scheme. If you are still bored - you are encouraged to look at Web 3.0, or if you are an analyst, you can be researching why web2.o is not mobile 2.0. But seriously speaking, the details therein and the energy & enthusiasm shown in building such apps are amazing – clearly pointing to the fact that a new niche is getting created – one that would get stronger and stronger in the days to come. I continue to hold the view that clearly the web2.0 movement is gaining momentum - though the coverage seems to be ahead - calling for a reality check. In it own waythe web2.0 ecosystem is beginning to be felt, albeit a small niche now.

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