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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The US As The Most Competitive Nation In Future

Courtesy of Kaps saw this interview with Azim Premji in the stanford magazine. Excerpts from the interview:
“You’ll rarely find today a CEO, CFO, CIO of an American corporation who’s not heard of Wipro because virtually every CEO, CFO and CIO is looking at a global delivery model for services, whether that’s software [design] services, voice services or back-office processing services.” Answering a question If China has taken the blue-collar jobs, is India going to finish America’s “hollowing out” and take its white-collar jobs, Premji replies, “There are several aspects to managing a company. Many activities such as manufacturing an end product, doing due diligence for a business or a product, etc. can be easily outsourced. “In every business there are functions which require deep customer intimacy and market knowledge . . such as conceptualizing a product or a product line, feature trade-offs in products, consultancy to set up a business and one can’t outsource these core management activities,” he adds. “The thought leadership cannot be outsourced.” Yet what is “core” can always be narrowed and redefined. “In the future we will see an increased variety of products that are personalized as opposed to standardized. It will take time for this concept of personalization to reach maturity, and only then will outsourcing of this effectively begin”. But if Americans have a sense of doom about the future, Premji doesn’t share it. “Their culture of innovation and resilience is incomparable and unlike that of any other. And they will find a way to remain the most competitive nation, albeit with a new set of alliances and partners.” Nicely put - fully needed to be understood when some are concerned about the rising marketshare of indian headquartered service providers growing faster than global majors and gaining more marketshare in the process - the indian technology system shall largely remain a part of the US ecosystem and just that.

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