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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Travelling : China & India

In the last ten days, I had been travelling extensively in china & India. Everytime I come back from both these two countries ( well am leaving chennai sunday midnight) - what strikes me is the abundant dynamism that pervades the air. China's infrastructure growth needs no mention - Shanghai is now the global standard for megacity development. While travelling in the Maglev - this is a testament to china's determination to adopt the best in the world(it can travel at 400+km/hr- connecting shanghai city and the Pudong airport) - one can see the phenomenal growth that the city has managed to clock in the last two decades. The government continues to push growth of infrastructure and cities. Beijing today boasts about great growth-the current claim in the city circe is that the Per capita income in the city now equals waht existed iin europe in early 80's( this is the claim of the chinese authorities). China has huge problems to grapple with - the desert is advancing towards Beijing, 300 million rural people need to be moved to cities in the near future - it is coming under pressure internationally on economic counts. India in contrast is moving at its own pace - but what characterizes the country today is the phenomenol spirit of entrepreneurism that pervades the air therein. I was watching the CNBC india program on awards for indian SME enterprises- almost all the names that came up there for discussions have sprung up in the last 10-15 years - the story that I heard about most of the were simply inspiring to say the least. While people take a dim view about the slow pace of infrastructural growth - in its own way the country is coping up with advancements - every place that I visited in India has seen significant change in the last three years( no comparison to chinese growth) but the entrepreneurial dynamism seen in india is perhaps unmatched in most parts of the world(china included) - execution speed would obviously make the difference here, but shades of success are clearly felt. I was touched when I saw Sandhill Group'sMR writing on how even social organizations create history with energy, passion and leasdership. Most of indian corporate success when analysed shows almost similar traits. More on the topic later - got to leave to the airport - with choked traffic can't take chances. I need to go to singapore and fly out a few hours later to KL for important meets!

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