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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bloggers, Analysts & Professional Executives

A new breed of IT analysts is sharing insights over the Internet, leaving traditional research firms trying to catch up using the same methods says the informationweek article. The article starts by pointing out that a new breed of technology analysts has emerged: They use blogs to spread their insights, and they're not afraid to pick a fight with IT vendors or one another. These E-pundits want to shake the foundation of IT analysis and influence the market, forcing conventional firms such as Forrester, Gartner, and Yankee to adapt or get left behind, much the same way the packaging and reach of cable TV newscasts forced network news to rethink its role. But for businesses to navigate these new information streams, they must understand how the new analysts work, what motivates them, and, ultimately, when they can or can't be trusted. The article notes that the new-generation analysts have a long way to go before they give Gartner and its kind a run for their money. The 10 largest IT analyst firms, which include Gartner and Forrester Research, account for 80% of the $2 billion in revenue generated by the industry. I agree with James governor's views that the old-school model for research and advice isn't necessarily broken, but it would be better served by more visibility into how information is gathered and conclusions are derived and that success and credibility come from reaching not just a large number of readers, but also reaching the right readers. The coverage of ideas by the bloggers and mindshare that they have are increasing rapidly. Part of the charm of being a blogger comes out of the fact that you can be doi8ng something else in your professional life and still choose to be a blogger - after all I run a large business and still manage to blog regularly(thats is if you exclude the last 12 -15 days of very limited blogging). I stronlgy beleive that insights come from being activley involved in running business and I write blogs based on reflection of happening around in the industry and with a spirit to share.

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