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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yahoo @CES : Silent Advances

Yahoo! announced its new Yahoo! Go suite, consisting of Yahoo! Go Mobile, Yahoo! Go TV, and Yahoo! Go Desktop.This is significant as Yahoo! shows how a traditional Internet content and service provider can link to pervasive devices like phones and mass devices like TVs . Russ has hyperlinked most of the coverage. Listen to the keynote speech wherein Yahoo promises to keep these services open for pother applications to access. As Charlene Li sees it, compared to the Google announcements, Yahoo!’s Go announcements have a strong connection to consumer electronics and will have a much bigger impact over time than either Google Video or Google Pack. This is because it sets off a race among phone and device makers to tap into the Yahoo!’s large user base. But it’s also worrying because the investment that service providers have made in their own services is now to tie in users becomes less important if the user can take their services with them from phone to phone, provider to provider. Device manufacturers will be more willing than their provider counterparts to let users choose between Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google mobile solutions – or mix and match as they please. Go Mobile in particular expands Yahoo’s reach beyond the desktop – Yahoo! stated that there are 2 billion mobile phone users around the world, compared to 900 million Internet users). Once again silent advances from Yahoo.Clearly yahoo is executing well . If we see , yahoo made the most out of Web. Yahoo’s acquisitions in the past have always been very useful to it and its recent Web 2.0 related acquisitions could make Yahoo the byword for innovation - or it could look like the company was foolishly sucked into the Web 2.0 hype. Yahoo does not feel that it can pass up this gamble and advances very silently – no wonder even reported offers like this look unattractive to it.

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