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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On Blind Spots

Jeffrey Phillips over at Thinking Faster has an excellent post on "Blind Spots". The deficiencies in us may not be directly known through just being self aware – but others may spot it easily. The sense of right or wrong for us is based on a mesh of several factors – cultural, social backgrounds and our belief system guides and shapes our approach. Citing the case of "learned helplessness", Jeff Phillips discusses about blindspot in terms of leading questions. What have we been trained to accept, or overlook? What cultural norms hold us back from doing more than we could? Do you have a virtual cuff around your ideas or your business process that keeps you doing the same things over and over? His advise:, question the stuff that gets in your way, the cultural things, the "things you should know" that limit your thinking or your productivity. It may be a bit hard to do, since so many of these barriers and behaviors are learned and become almost unconscious. Think about what you do and the barriers to your productivity. Question why these barriers - conscious and unconscious exist & suggests not be chained down by virtual ropes. Thought provoking read.

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