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Saturday, November 05, 2005

GoogleMania - Marketcap, Acquisitions & Roadmap

Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes,"There's a method to Google's madness, and there always has been. Google has been a thrifty shopper in the past, picking up small sites, software developers, and online technology companies. Now, with its coffers widening with every passing market-thumping quarter,Google is likely to make a big splash with its greenery". With more than 95% of its revenue coming from advertising, Google can either broaden its reach by scooping up more virtual billboard space or try to diversify its egg basket by making inroads in software and services, argues Rick. I agree with the logic about suitability of Tivo to be part of Google- the more you think about TiVo, the more you realize that it's the ideal bride for Google. Actually, it was rumor mill fodder seven months ago. After all Tivo also makes some money by selling ads. TiVo ads wouldn't be all that different from Google's paid search listings.- both can serve up perfectly targeted ads because TiVo knows what you're watching, just as Google knows where you're surfing. While there may be a few such suitors, its time Google clearly explains its vision that it is executing for the next 2-3 years – very important that there should be a plan to grow and sustain the 100+Billion USD marketcap (incidentally bigger than the GDP of some oil producing Asian nations – the likes of Indonesia.) contrarian views about Google’s valuations definitely need a closer examination. I think this issue needs some serious evaluation as I had been pointing out for sometime like here, here about google's ability to sustain its leadership and support the very high marketcap. Google has to come out in the open about its plans for spending the money say building its own Internet, online index,along with monetizng models in more specific terms. Its time that we get to see and know things beyond the likes of generic macro views like that of George Colony, which focusses only on what and not the how. Like in any other industry the responsibility of pioneers and leaders are lot more than just looking after themselves - they are trendsetters and rolemodels in the industry.

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