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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Digg & Engadget Attract More Traffic Than Slashdot

We recently covered Digg trying to catch up with Slashdot in terms of traffic.
Alexa now reports higher traffic for Engadget and Digg compared to Slashdot. Digg started with the notion of how to leverage the collective mass of the Internet in various ways: applying it to content, using it to rank content, using it to make content more palatable to the masses. Automated systems take time to crawl the net. Editorial systems have the human factor. They may decide they're not interested that day, or they'll do it tomorrow. In Digg’s case, there's no barrier.The larger the critical mass of users and the collective wisdom applied to digg, the better and more relevant the stories get. There are systems set in to prevent abuse of digging. Coupled with a unique ranking system and power of collective wisdom, Digg gets more powerful. The founders note that Digg started with an application, and are using components of social networking to expand the value of the site. In the case of social networking, it serves one very distinct purpose – introduction.Truly amazing story.

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