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Monday, September 05, 2005

Skype Ecosystem Evolving

Niklas Zennstrom believes that a Skype Ecosystem is evolving. In an interview published in Digitimes, he says that "Skype has its own core technology, a solid subscriber base and integrated software and hardware products. These products and services are then delivered to customers through our channel, so an ecosystem based on Skype basically has already been established".

- Skype will exert efforts to develop application software without the need to hook up with PCs like the development of WiFi phones with built-in Skype capabilities will be the focus and develop embedded Skype-enabled software for WiFi phones. It also plans to introduce wired Skype-enabled phones and set-top boxes (STBs).

- The pace of cooperation between Skype and Taiwan makers will accelerate in the future - Taiwan boasts strong expertise in volume production of hardware products and has strong ODM capabilities, crucial to develop Skype-enabled peripherals such as WiFi phones and other handsets. Skype has cooperated with Taiwan makers in production of handsets, and will extend the cooperation to include STBs, TVs and peripherals other than PCs.

- Skype authentication program may be under the way, as IT makers are looking to introduce Skype-compatible devices because of the increasing number of subscribers using Skype

- Skype API will allow software developers to bundle external applications with Skype software. For example, bundling with our vSKYPE software will enable subscribers to share video conferencing across a Skype network. Another method for developers is to include Skype software into their applications, such as including Skype voice functionality into a CRM (customer relationship management) application.

- The move by telecom operators to integrate fixed line and mobile traffic onto a WLAN AP (access point) will help enhance the development of Internet telephony under a WiFi environment. This development is similar to Skype's cooperation with a number of wireless ISPs (Internet service providers) such as Boingo Wireless (a leading WiFi aggregator and software company). Skype may well follow the principle of being a natural part of larger ecosystem with open standards to avoide being nichified.Interesting to watch skype blossom into an acosystem.

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