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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Small As The New Coveted Big!!

Seth Godin writes, Big used to matter, no more. Excerpts with edits and comments: Big meant economies of scale.Value was added in ways that big organizations were good at. Value was added with efficient manufacturing, widespread distribution and very large R&D , sales team. Big planes, Big buildings. Bigger computers all were preferred. Get Big Fast was the motto for startups, because big companies can go public and get more access to capital and use that capital to get even bigger. Big service firms like accounting , law firms were the most preferred..The hits then happened – Big Enron & Big Andersen ,The World Trade Center. The falling big TV advertising, failing big airlines. And then small happened BoingBoing (four people) has a readership growing a hundred times faster than the New Yorker (hundreds of people). Interesting battle between big computers vs properly networked Dell boxes. Big boom boxes Vs tiny ipod shuffles. Exception : Big TV Screens. Today, little companies often make more money than big companies. Little churches grow faster than worldwide ones. Little jets are way faster (door to door) than big ones.
Some measures put Craigslist (18 employees) as the fourth most visited site - e partly owned by eBay (more than 4,000 employees) which hopes to stay in the same league, traffic-wise. They’re certainly not growing nearly as fast. Small means the founder makes a far greater percentage of the customer interactions. Small means the founder is close to the decisions that matter and can make them, quickly. Small is the new big because small gives you the flexibility to change the business model when your competition changes theirs. Small means that you will outsource the boring, low-impact stuff like manufacturing and shipping and billing and packing to others, while you keep the power because you invent the remarkable and tell stories. A small law firm or accounting firm or ad agency or restaurant A small restaurant all are back in the vogue now. Small is the new big only when the person running the small thinks big. The mantra : Get small. Think big ..Quite interesting.

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