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Thursday, June 23, 2005

On Best Bloggers

Paul Kedrosky writes ,"The bloggers liked best were people who spent most of their time doing other things than blog". They find a few minutes for blogging here and there between doing other things, and still find time to get stuff out there on a daily basis, but they don't spend the bulk of their time blogging.
My Take: I totally agree - that while regular scheduled updates brings in a discipline and provides comfort for regular readers - blogging is supposed to be spontaneous, and is supposed to be based on reflected thinking - in this internet age - this adds new dimension & complexity - So i do not subscribe to the view that there should be an update for the sake of update every morning - and more than that I despise being called a blogger( no offence meant though) - I also blog - but I am what I am -in professional and personal life and what one chooses to blog about in many ways revolves around both personal and professional lives - so blogger looks too generic a term - with millions of blogs around - representing varied interests from entertainment, finance, investments ,politics, technology etc.. it is not fair to call CEO's and rookies together as mere bloggers just because they leverage a common technology framework.

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