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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nokia's Roadmap - Mobile People & Living Technology

Glenn Letham writes after attending Nokia Connections 2005.Excerpts with edits and comments:
Nokia is chasing market share and positioning itself to secure a big piece of the pie as mobile device usage is expected to swell from 200 million users Globally by year end (2005),to more than 300 million by 2010. Through its product and solution offerings the company boasts that they are creating opportunities for innovators.
Key tenets of Nokia’s Roadmap

- Predictions are for 3 billion mobile device users by 2010
- Nokia has a target of at least 40% market share
- Expanding markets include mobile multi-media, enterprise mobility, and network services.
- Broadband wireless is/and will continue to drive new markets
- Speech and handwriting technologies are hot!
- Application developers are moving towards the smart phone environment and away from the PC
- Emerging markets are Russia, Asia Pacific, China, Middle East, Africa
- Linux OS is gaining speed
- The proliferation of wireless broadband usage (subscribers are expected to jump from 2.5 million to 30 million by 2009.
- Voice convergence driven by growth in WLAN uptake – the company will embrace new convergence business opportunities!
- Other trends to be aware of include WiFi, WiMax, RFID, and VoIP
Another key concept that was evident in much of the discussion at the event was Nokia’s planned efforts to mobile enterprise voice. At the heart of this ambitions goal is the opportunity that exists by separating the fixed and mobile voice technology user. The vision… one business number & one voice mail. Nokia’s involvement with key players like OnRelay, Avaya, IBM, and Cisco will be key as devices converge and morph into wireless IP phones and WLAN technology enables mobile VoIP.

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