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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The iPod Fertilising Effect & The Mac With Tiger

While a strong direct "halo-effect" from the iPod onto Apple computer sales looked too hollow to establish, a "fertilising effect" from the iPod is likely to be felt. Yeald.com writes, the iPod has made Apple a desirable brand, way beyond its traditional customer groups. The combination of this desirability with the technical superiority of the new Tiger operating system makes the Apple computer a much stronger alternative to Windows PCs. Tiger has appealing new functions, on top of what already was a good operating system. Although Microsoft's business is nicely rooted in its dominant global marketshare, there is an important customer group at play: the non-tech innovators.

Within the customer groups of "non-tech innovators", the computer users that love to have the newest, best, geeky stuff, but work in non-programming jobs, Apple has a strong offer to make. Previously, Apple had a perception issue with non-tech innovators as a niche brand that catered to a different group of "creative" users. The iPod in a way has very much broadened the reach of the Apple brand. Therefore, the value of Tiger will not merely be in upgrade sales to existing Apple customers. In the absence of Longhorn, Tiger will be able to attract more first time Apple computer buyers than ever before.

Already Apple powerbooks were getting more popular. With Ipod & Tiger,the cost of slower time-to-market in the case of Microsoft or is it the case of Apple truly raising to its wowed true potential? Clearly Apple is gaining and Microsoft is losing the mindshare game - Apple needs to do a lot more to improve its ranking in the retail market - clearly more channels, more retailer push, trade press reviews and may be its time for Apple to try a "P&G" type of global push to usurp marketshare.Its time for Apple to take what Bob Cringley wrote about - the much anticipated big risk quickly.

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