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Monday, April 11, 2005

Om Malik On Internet Anxiety Disorder

Om Malik writes, We live in an always on, ever connected world. Om talks about phone, wireless and wired rings constantly, and missed calls and voice mails pile-up even before the coffee stops brewing early in the morning. Friends and relatives leave message in the night.Time to boot up the computer and be greeted by an early morning assault of emails, sometimes as many as 100, and that’s dawn!As the day progresses, the emails pile-up, many unanswered for days because the feeling of being overwhelmed. The damn posts keep rising and rising, hitting 2000. Phone calls with sources, only add to the content flowing into the brain. I find myself falling behind on answering emails, reading stuff and even just contemplating. Phone calls, are shorter, terse and often remiss of any politeness. This is the age of info-clutter!.At home at any given point there are six to ten books, open, partly read. Magazine articles, clipped for later reference, and half assembled notes. The disjointed conversations jumbled up, often making me wonder what was I wanting to write/blog about to begin with. Multitasking gone wild?
My Take: For a few minutes, I thought Om Malik was describing my home and work suituation - ditto to the last element.Yes, we are swimming in a sea of information,with terrific backlash effect.This is a reflection of our times – instant gratification, ever available mode of operation. You can have fifty feeds or thousand feeds configured in the newsreader – its not the technology – its clearly a case of mankind succumbing to the weakness of not being able to balance , prioritize and make life more wholesome.. Why blame technology??

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