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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Blogger Glitches Invites Ire From One & All

I have been repeatedly writing about the problems blogger is having, severly affecting regular publishing - I managed to post less than one third of my regular posting volumes due to blogger malfunctioning. Wired covers the problem that blogosphere faced with blogger malfunctioning regularly.
What's up with Blogger, the institution that is eponymous with the media phenomenon it helped spawn? Lately, it seems like almost every time you tune into your favorite Blogger-hosted blog to catch up on the latest gossip, meme, political diatribe or cybersnark, you find that the site is frozen in time. Or, there are multiple posts with identical content. Since Blogger, which is owned and operated by that sleek geek machine, Google, is a lot like a public utility, when it goes down, so do the lights on a large swatch of the blogosphere. In fact, enter "Blogger sucks" in Google and you get 720,000 results, with most of the entries on the first few pages (read: the most popular) dedicated to these exasperating tech snafus.
Blogger's status page,says it all - repeated problems and outages.Last month there was even a glitch with the Blogger status page,which prevented tech staff from posting service updates. Sometimes software glitches cause these outages. Other times it is a hardware hiccup. And when the service is just achingly slow- attributed to power shortage by google. Suddenly the search engine company that could do no wrong last year can do no right with bloggers. Company flacks are well aware of the tremendous PR damage irate bloggers can wreak. So what would happen if something vitally important happened - a terrorist attack, an assassination, war, political upheaval - and the blogosphere went atwitter, but Blogger went down?

Google has not done any improvement to blogger last two years - even basic features are not in place - my number of post status is frozen at nov 2004 levels and blogger has not implemented trackback, categorisation features etc.Google has indeed earned the wrath of the blogosphere. As the article mentions, blogger is like an utility and google ought to make sure that it keeps it up and running and in healthy state round the clock.

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