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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Singapore IDA's Ten Year Technology Roadmap 2005-2015

We recently covered singapore tops global IT readiness index. Singapore achieved this leadership based on its very rigorous process of technology forecasting ,careful planning and prioritization and flawless execution. The Infocomm Development Authority has published the The Infocomm Technology Roadmap - one of the pillars towards the masterplan of the IDA national infocomm blueprint for the next ten years. It charts the vision, trends and developments of the technology landscape in Singapore for the next five years and aims to align Singapore's technological direction with worldwide infocomm developments.

The Roadmap highlights how major technologies can be deployed to help Singapore address the key challenges of economic growth, national security and population demographics in the next decade and indications suggest that the opportunity for the creation of new value through IT is greater than ever before.
In IDA's perspective, the next 10 years are expected to witness the confluence of innovations which hold the potential to dramatically change the way we live our lives. To many the possibilities will seem unimaginable. For instance, sentient technologies will enhance the quality of life for both young and old.Sentient technologies will also create more exciting lifestyles in smart homes and entertainment applications for the masses. Sentient technologies will transform the Internet from one that is passive to an intelligent agent that analyses and delivers personalised information. This means that the Net will intelligently sift through information to deliver exactly the information requested.Smart systems will be routinely deployed to advance eldercare, such as to sense and remind elderly patients at home to take their medication or multiple pills at different times. Preventative healthcare can reduce costs and provide peace-of-mind to caregivers too. Monitoring of the elderly at home and detection of abnormal behavioural changes will be achieved through telematic systems enabled by communication technologies, sensor networks, tracking systems, biosensors and wearables. A very impressive 184 page report tracking all the emerging technologies and how it can be applied to singapore and society at large.Must read report for all interested in emerging technologies.

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