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Monday, February 21, 2005

Java, Mobiles & Content For Mobiles - Set For Exponential Growth

Jonathan Schwartz writes, Java is continuing to grow, and accelerate - on both the devices (and SIM cards embedded within them), and in the network infrastructure and points out to several interesting facts. There are now over 500,000,000 Java enabled phones in the world, and more than 60% of all new phones will ship, from the factory, Java enabled. The rush of new developers we're adding to the nearly 5 million Java developers are J2ME developers, folks creating the services (from commercial to social) through which the majority of the world will experience the internet. The majority of the world will first experience the internet through their mobile phones(Am not sure - may be more would access from the mobile). 10 times as many people bought handsets last year as PC's. There were a BILLION wireless devices sold last year, and around 100 million PC's.

Broadcast broadband content on mobile phone may become more prevalent than on the PC - and now that Nokia (and their peers) are the world's largest camera manufacturers the odds are far higher you'll even create broadband content on your handset. The CEO of Oberthur, predicts we'll see 1 GigaBYTE SIM cards by years end - that's right, a Gig on an interchangeable SIM card. What happens when a significant portion of that memory is executable? That's a mighty small computer. The net of all this - bubbles precede the buildout. And the buildout's clearly underway with mobile operators chasing revenue and value. With operators beginning to see a market driven by services and content, as seen in deals like Verizon and Discovery TV tieup, wherein,the Discovery Network shall act as a content partner for verizon's upcoming "FiOS " FTTP TV service. we recently covered mobile revolution is next only to PC revolution and Jonathan here says that the mobile revolution is all set to surpass the PC revolution quite comprehensively. With consolidation happening in the mobile service provider market - things can only look up in the mobile application space. We recently covered that mobile market shall begin to see chinese manufacturers making headway in mobile infrastructure and strong india headquartered software companies providing solutions in the mobile application space - we may even begin to see indian software players gearing to roll out mobile application products and with content being the king in the mobile internet world, avalanche of opportunities open up for content service providers and if there is any phenomenon, where we can see multiplier effect clearly - it is in the mobile market - virtually every facet of digital world needs to get ready - from hardware to process huge tranche of data, communication capacity providers, intermediation, DRM, content providers,Gaming applications, all service providers in digital and physical world( to gear up for offering services in the mobile),digital lifestyle players, on demand service providers - well the list is endless providing infinite set of possibilities and opportunities.

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