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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

AMR Reasearch Announces The 2005 Innovation Award Winners

AMRResearch announces 2005 Innovation Award Winners. The winners designed to honor breakthrough ideas by small, midsize, and large companies are:

- Salesforce.com,(more than $100M): (Citation :"The ease of use and short implementation time is changing the game in the hosted CRM market..")
- TrenStar,($10M to $100M): (Citation:"First company to offer this combination of technology and services to support pooling of common, nonstrategic containers and other mobile assets...")
- T3Ci,(under $10M) (Citation:"The first vendor to provide RFID analytics" and
- IBM,(Citation:"Last year, IBM received 3,248 patents by the U.S. Patent Office and has topped the list for the most patents 12 years in a row..")

AMR says winners were selected from 150 based on criteria:
-Has a sustainable competitive advantage
-Is unique
-Addresses a key business issue
-Spurred new business for the company
-Has referenceable accounts

While, Trenstar and Salesforce.com are well known and I have been watching these two companies, I first read about T3Ci when Jeff Nolan wrote about the company's new wesbsite with information about RFID analytics recently. Jeff - you have backed the right horse- RFID analytics would be a key linkage in any business ecosystem- particularly when during implementation of RFID - very high volume data gets processed and increasingly all transactional data relating to material atleast may eventually be "RFIDed" and T3ci offering fits in very well in meeting emerging enterprise requirements.The analytics value gets amplified considerable as the technology canbe deployed among trading partners.. The concept is a surefire winner...

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