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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Why Scientists and Engineers End Up on the Wrong Side of the Value Equation

Brad Feld writes a funny piece handwritten and given to him by his friend Steve Halstedt. It goes like this:
Why scientists and engineers, who know so much, make so little compared to VCs (or investment bankers, or trial lawyers) who know so little.
Time is Money
Knowledge is Power
Power = Work / Time (from high school physics)
If you substitute Knowledge for Power and Money for Time
Knowledge = Work / Money
Using a little basic algebra (about the amount most VCs remember) and arranging
terms, you get
Money = Work / Knowledge
For a given amount of Work as Knowledge apporaches zero, Money becomes infinite.
This explains the difference in market value between scientists/engineers and VCs
Joel reading this publishes in a similar vien - all women are evil. This goes on like this:
We know with women the more time we spend with them, the more money we spend.

women = time * money.
OfCourse we also are aware the time IS money.
women = money * money
We also know money is the root of all evil.
women = (sqrt(All Evil)) * (sqrt(All Evil))
women = All Evil.

Absolutely Hilarious!!.

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