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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Why Adam Kalsey Doesn't Recommend Firefox

Adam Kalsey, a Web technologist and CTO of Pheedo has written an article in his blog titled Why I don't recommend Firefox. The article makes good reading, but Kalsey adds, in his own words,"I am a user of Firefox and have been since Phoenix 0.2. I switched to it as a primary browser sometime during the 7 days in October where 0.3 was the stable version. For a period of time (around 0.7) I was using the nightly binaries. My list of installed extensions includes one I wrote myself. I never got around to compiling the source myself (although I did with Mozilla 0.8), so I suppose I can’t claim alpha-geek status". However what makes interesting reading are the 150 plus comments and counter comments that have followed Kalsey's blog about Firefox, clearly qualifying to be among the best discussion series about Firefox.

Disclosure: I use firefox regularly and is my choice browser and use IE only for browsing sites that are optimised only microsoft standard specific HTML features. Also read my earlier blog Firefox Taking Off and my affirmation in support of Firefox.
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