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Monday, October 25, 2004

"The Right-Hand Turn." - Intel's Craig Barrett

Intel has began steering away from its speed-fiend image and toward multicore and partitioned designs. Barrett says, "The whole world was blasting along in the gigahertz war. But the industry as a whole has recognized that with Moore's Law, you can't continue to run more transistors faster—the power [heat] dissipation just gets to be too great.We can continue to run more processors, but in a different fashion. That's the right-hand turn: using those transistors to create other technologies—whether it's virtualization, security, multiple cores or multiple threads—and to use those to bring more performance to the end user".He elaborates his focus for the next six months before stepping down as,"the growth of our communications business, the convergence of computing and wireless, expansion internationally, and process technology manufacturing leadership. The strengths of Intel are process technology, manufacturing, architecture, worldwide sales presence—brand—and Intel capital".

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