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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Leaders and Winning Streaks

Rosabeth Moss Kanter author of seveal books is coming up with a new one titled - "Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End". In this excerpt from HBSWK, she explains
how leaders must bring out the best in others. Rosabeth Moss Kanter's key ideas:

- Self-confidence is not the real secret of leadership. The more essential ingredient is confidence in other people.
- Leadership involves motivating others to their finest efforts and channeling those efforts in a coherent direction. Leaders must believe that they can count on other people to come through.
- Leaders of organizations in success cycles are a little like rabbits, constantly reproducing. In losing streaks, the rabbits seem barren; there is a leadership deficit. In winning streaks, the number of leaders multiplies along with the momentum of the streak.
-Winning teams and successful organizations become increasingly less dependent on the person called the commander-in-chief—even though, ironically, the same top managers are more likely to stay in place during winning streaks. As a pattern of success continues, many people at many levels take on leadership roles.
-Winning streaks are associated with not just one but many leaders—a nested series of leaders.Even at the top, leaders often come in pairs, trios, and quartets, operating as a unit in spirit even if one of them has final authority in law.One person may have the top title and the official authority, but their effectiveness is often a function of the quality of all the other people who stand beside them to exercise leadership.
-The more leaders reproduce themselves, the more likely it is that they do emerge, paradoxically, with heroic accomplishments.
-Losing streaks are associated with autocrats who cling to control even as events spin out of control—one consequence of my principle that "powerlessness corrupts."
-Leaders find the best people they can, ensure their preparation, put them in the right positions, and give them a game plan. After that, winning is up to the players on the field. It is their leadership that matters. The actions of many leaders seizing the moment create the margin of victory.
-When people have confidence in one another, they are willing to lead and be led by the team. They do not have to second-guess, double back, or duplicate other people's work. They catch problems more quickly or take bolder steps because they do not worry about embarrassment or punishment. Energy is freed and focus is possible when people have confidence in one another. When they can count on other people's support, they don't have to fear their attacks or monitor their every move. When people give one another the benefit of the doubt and, better yet, believe in one another, more projects are launched, more innovations get seeded, and more work gets done.
Extremely well written - A must buy and read, as it gets published.
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