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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Google may have set the pace for searching information, but Yahoo! may be setting the pace for new ways of serving information!

( Via CBS Marketwatch) Mary Meeker, sees money in blogs.Morgan Stanley's Internet analyst says the hottest things on the Web now are RSS, blogs and Yahoo.In a new research report, Mary Meeker writes that the inclusion of syndicated news feeds -- known as RSS, as in "rich site summary" or "really simple syndication" -- in Yahoo's My Yahoo page is playing a key role in driving blog readership and RSS usage. More readers translate into more advertising revenue opportunities, she reasons.Ultimately, Meeker wonders whether Yahoo could "accept smaller payments for access to certain content" and split the fees with blog publishers. Inserting ads into syndicated news feeds, as Weblogs Inc. has begun doing with Engadget, is another option, she said. We believe Internet usage should continue to grow rapidly (20-30% annually for the next few years) as broadband usage continues to grow and as content providers continue to ramp their creativity and increase user engagement. Monetization of the usage—driven by improvements in advertising tools and targeting and integration of online
payment systems—should rise at an even faster rate (30%+). We see the potential for next-generation content to positively affect Internet leaders including Yahoo!, Google and eBay as they leverage their distribution channels and/or
content and services. In general, we believe ongoing improvements in the following areas will be important to watch:
1) search;
2) personalization;
3) user-generated content (including blogs, reviews, images and audio);
4) music;
5) short- and long-form video; and
6) accessibility (including mobile devices and the PC desktop).
Net, we are moving nicely down a path toward every Internet user, in effect, having a personal media server… and if Yahoo! has its way, My Yahoo! will be the front-end to the server. The full report is available here.
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