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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Technology and Entertainment Industry VIA SFGate

Learning from the Napster case, the entertainment industry is trying to block new technology before it takes off -Reining in tech.When the original Napster program became an instant consumer hit five years ago, it blindsided the music business.Today, the entire entertainment industry -- hoping to avoid being caught off guard again -- has stepped up efforts to nip potential problems with emerging technologies in the bud, before the public gets its hands on them.For example, Hollywood movies studios and the National Football League recently teamed up to try to block a proposal from digital video recorder company TiVo Inc. to let subscribers view recorded TV programs over the Internet.Meanwhile, the music industry has asked federal regulators to take action to prevent future digital radio receivers from being able to automatically compile libraries of free CD-quality songs that can be shared on the Internet. This comes despite the fact that digital radio is barely off the ground.Throughout history, new technologies have always disrupted old business models
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