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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Icerocket - A new search engine via Blogmaverick

IceRocket is a brand new search host that combines the best of spidered search, meta search, and what we hope are some unique and different features that make using the engine more efficient and addictive.Web Search :- Thumbnail photos of results homepages - One of the things I hate about all search engines is that you click on a site hoping for a quality site, and you get an empty or shell website. The photos of the site give a quick look so you can see before you click. This can be turned on or off.
- Quick View - Without leaving the results of search page, you can see the top 40 pct of the destination page as a short cut to deciding if the site is what you are looking for. If its what you want, a quick click and the page opens up completely.
- Info - This is the traffic ranking from Alexa. It lets you know before you click whether anyone else goes to the site according to Alexa.
News Search -A new feature that handles the traditional function of searching news sites, sorted by date.
Picture Search -IceRocket has the exclusive search on non-traditional pictures sites. We search the old standbys, and the web, but also index non-traditional sites like webshots.com. This is a great place to find out if one of your friends took a picture of you and posted it for the world to see!

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