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Friday, July 09, 2004

A Physics of Ideas: Measuring Memes in Real-Time via Nova Spivack

One of the main obstacles to productivity today is the growing problem of information overload. Information overload results because we lack effective tools for automatically organizing information collections into meaningful and relevant chunks. A new approach to measuring the physical properties of ideas as they move in real-time through information spaces and populations such as the Internet. It has applications to search, information filtering, personalization, ad targeting, knowledge discovery and text-mining, market research, trend analysis, intelligence gathering, organizational behavior and social/cultural studies The concept is based on applying classical physics to memes that move through information spaces over time. In the past,Individual published filtered personalized newsfeeds. They aggregated content from thousands of sources and then filtered it into strategic news feeds tailored to the interests of their customers.Here Nova Spivack outlines a new aproach towards aggregating information feeds. Interesting.
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