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Monday, July 19, 2004

Blog readers more affluent and mature via Kathleen

Kathleen points to an interesting survey about bloggers that cites new information about blog readers being more affluent and mature than previously thought. Some of the survey findings :Far from being young kids with little money in their pockets and lots of time on their hands, the survey found that blog readers are older and richer than many people suppose. Exactly 61% of the blog readers that responded to the survey are over the age of 30, and 75% make more than $45,000 a year. In fact, nearly 30% of the respondents are between the ages of 31 and 40, and over 37% spanned the ages of 41 to 60. And nearly 40% have a household income of $90,000 or higher.
A partial profile of blog readers reveals:
• 54% of their news consumption is online
• 21% are bloggers themselves
• 46% describe themselves as opinion makers
More importantly, from an advertiser's point of view, in the last six months:
• 50% have spent more than $50 online on books.
• 47% have spent more than $500 online for plane tickets.
• 50% have contributed more than $50 to a cause or candidate online
• 5% have contributed more than $1,000 to a cause or candidate online

A full 67% of respondents claimed they have clicked on a blog ad. Asked what they did after clicking, 39.4% said they donated money, and 22.3% said they purchased a product or service.

Without question blog readers are biased toward the Internet. On average they said 54% of their news comes from online sources, with newpapers running second at only 16.5%. But, according to the survey, blog readers suck up information from everywhere. They are media-mavens: 21% subscribe to the New Yorker magazine, 15% to the Economist, 15% to Newsweek and 14% to the Atlantic Monthly. Nevertheless, the survey found that " blog readers are united in their apathy about traditional news sources: 82% of blog readers say that television is worthless or only somewhat useful as a source of news and opinion. 55% percent say the same about print newspapers. 54% say the same about print magazines."

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