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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Argument Over IT -Interview with Nicholas Carr

Nichola Carr elaboarates on his HBR article theme in this interview. His original thesis,"while IT's value will increase as it becomes more standardized and ubiquitous, the ability of any one company to use IT in a distinctive way to gain competitive advantage will diminish until...it will make more sense to manage IT as a commodity input—something that is absolutely necessary but [that] isn't going to set you apart from competitors." made waves in the IT and Businesworld when published last year Nicholas Carr holds the view that "IT matters enormously as an essential component of business today. You can't run a business without it. But does it matter strategically? Is it going to set your company apart from your competitors? The answer increasingly is no, and it's counterproductive at this point to think of IT in that way and to invest in IT with that kind of hope".
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