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Friday, May 21, 2004

Technology time compression via FC

Technology, of course, is the chief engine propelling time compression. While the trend began some 150 years ago with the introduction of time zones, it got a big boost in the '40s with the debut of fast food and the microwave oven, instant photography, and commercial jetliners. The jet age helped compress time zones, an advancement that unfortunately came to a halt with the demise of the Concorde.The state of mind has become a state of timeTechnology added yet another twist, Moore's Law and 18-month cycles, which moved the product development needle from steadily to fast. The media also rose to the challenge with Sesame Street and MTV, turning Generation X and Y into adept multitaskers, a computer-derived solution to making things happen faster.Time compression's blurringly fast trip includes Starbucks and FedEx, which eerily debuted almost simultaneously, as well as fax and the Internet, which ushered in the concept of "real time." It took scientists almost four years to discover the AIDS virus. SARS, on the other hand, was identified in less than six months, stoked by the communication power of the Internet.At the core of the time compression hurricane lies a little understood technology called "codec" -- a compression/decompression algorithm -- that holds the key to squeezing more bits into ever smaller packages.It's clear that future lifestyles will stress time and convenience. Don't let our current leisurely pace fool you. Because the economy has yet to clearly kick in again, the velocity of life has settled down a bit. That's merely a temporary respite. Expect the pace to pick up materially toward the end of the decade.
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