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Monday, May 24, 2004

Microsoft mellows via Bweek

For most of its 29 years, Microsoft (MSFT ) has burnished its reputation as a bully in the marketplace and a pitbull in the courts. But in the last two years, its courtroom image has begun to mellow. The company has aggressively sought to settle pending litigation, shelling out more than $5 billion in the process.Microsoft General Counsel Bradford L. Smith says, "We're no longer a startup industry, just as we're no longer a startup company. Software has become part of the critical infrastructure of society. It's a natural part of the evolution that as you get to this point, the dynamics change. It's natural, it's inevitable, that governments are going to have more questions, there's going to be more scrutiny. There's going to be a need to work more collaboratively with people in government.I also think that as an industry gets to this point in its life, there's a greater need to work across the industry. Partnerships play a bigger role in the life of every company".He also says that this year many cases have been settled and equally many cases have been taken up for litigation. Clearly, significant things are happening for Microsoft- bith within and outside from competitors. IBM has just launched a concerted effort
IBM's Middleware challenge to challenge microsoft as well.
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