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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Information middlemen are at risk in era of web via IHT

The Internet's impact on the value of information may still be in flux, but its long-term impact on middlemen is clear.Information is both invaluable and impossible to value. Historically, the main way around this problem has been to pack the results of intellectual or creative effort into something tangible that can be priced and sold: a book, a seat in a theater, an hour of an expert's time. Technology causes economic chaos when it disrupts this packaging plan, as is now happening in the music industry.But while lawyers and business executives worry about technology's effects on who will be paid, and how, for their creative efforts, the Internet's most fascinating impact has been on those who have decided not to charge for their work. Many are predicting radical transformation in various industries happening due to the internet in the new internet/broadband wave sweeping the globe. A recent businessweek article ebiz strikes again identifies six industries where the web is expected to make significant changes in the near future. Clearly, we shall be seeing rapid changes happening right in front of our eyes - today and early tomorrow.
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