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Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Wizard, King, and Hobbit of Business -The story of IBM Via FC

The history of IBM unfolds into an epic trilogy about its three CEOs--the determined father, reluctant son, and enterprising stranger. Jim Collins writes,"Has there ever been a great business trilogy?" Jim adds, "I wanted to find an epic adventure of real people transformed by a hero's journey. I found only one. It's the story of a father who builds an empire, a reluctant son who battles against his father before inheriting the empire and taking it to greatness, and a stranger who shows up in the nick of time to save all that the father and son built. It's a story that spans nine decades and is enmeshed in the sweep of history, from World War I through the Great Depression, World War II, the rise of America, the go-go 1960s, the technology explosion, and the dawn of a new post-September 11 world. The trilogy of IBM--three extraordinary books, each composed by a different author--is populated by characters as bold and daring and ultimately flawed as any in literature, beginning with a fascinating individual who, in middle age, found his life and career shattered". A very interesting connect between the three legendary CEO's of IBM and best selling books covering their era's in IBM and their interconnects.
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