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Monday, April 12, 2004

Gates And Ballmer On "Making The Transition" Via Businessweek

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer separately discuss innovation, competition, and the company's future Bill Gates at his best, "On Microsoft's real competition.I don't know if people really get what I'm saying or if they just think I'm being cute when I say our biggest competitor is our installed base. Yes, we have other competitors -- Sony (SNE ), Linux, Nokia (NOK ), Oracle (ORCL ), and IBM (IBM ). But the fact that you can sit on the existing [products] -- that's a perfectly legitimate choice. This is not a soft drink where you get thirsty and say: "I drank my word processor, let's have another." No. Some people actually say to us: "There are no new things you can do." I know at least for the next decade that is just wrong. It's just wrong, and it will be fun to surprise them and on Microsoft's growth prospects -If you want growth, don't go to the big guy. Go to the small guy. If growth is your story, you're looking in the wrong place. Now, if you're looking for innovation... we're more of a change agent for the way business is done, the way people work, the way people do things at home. We're 100 times more interested in [change] than we are [in] growth percentages or something like that." A very insightful interview that I read after a longtime.
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