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Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Chief Process Officer by Michael Hammer Via Optimize

Natural business evolution may spawn a new executive role says Dr. Hammer Dr. Hammer says,"Most companies don't have a clear and complete picture of processes, such as filling orders, developing products, getting new customers, and closing sales, because responsibility for these is handed off to different players as goods or services evolve through the value chain. Any given manager sees only his or her part of the process-and is held accountable accordingly. This can create critical blind spots that directly affect business performance and other assets-brand, intellectual capital, people, and financial capital. The trouble with processes at most companies is that they're unmanaged, invisible, and unmeasured, and consequently, they're executed haphazardly, inconsistently, and poorly. The results are delays, errors, low quality, and high overhead costs. Unmanaged processes also can't detect and adapt to changing market conditions-which in today's business environment can be fatal.A case is emerging for a new breed of manager who can take ownership of understanding, tracking, measuring, and optimizing an enterprise's crucial end-to-end business processes." Read on..
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