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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

"Soon we'll ship business models, not code" Via Businessworld

Shai Agassi, CTO, SAP - I believe that over the next 4-5 years, even longer perhaps, you have to have integration platforms (software that link older programs to new ones) that bind together data and create an end-to-end single picture, a single version of the truth, if you will.The time between a CEO deciding on a strategy and the IT systems reflecting that strategy is what is a challenge today.The main change you will see over the next three years is that software firms will move from shipping code to shipping executable business models to bring down this period. The technical changes would be obviously, the emergence of web services standards and what we call the enterprise services architecture. The enterprise service architecture will take existing engines like, say, finance or production, and repackage them by combining them to form new applications. (Thus, combine finance with production to get the optimum capacity utilisation.)This is a very big change - the creation of enterprise-wide platforms to get integration from one end to another complete with user integration, process integration, including data and knowledge integration, in one environment. The great thing about this is not about what you put together, but about how you put this together.. Read on - quite interesting.

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