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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Marc Andreessen: "Linux Has Matured" Via Businessweek

The Web pioneer says big corporate customers tell him that by going to the open-source software, "they're saving a lot of money" Marc andreeessen says - Linux itself matured. Ten years ago it was a toy. Five years ago you could make it sit up and jump and do various things, but it wasn't ready for a database. In the last two years, Linux has matured to become comparable to almost every other commercial operating systems. There's very little it can't do that companies need. The second thing that has happened, which is equally or more important, is that Intel's server hardware has gotten extremely sophisticated and powerful. You can buy a $2,000 server from Dell, and it's just as powerful as a $200,000 server from Sun was five years ago. As far as I am concerned in respect of business applications, sometimes i wonder whether we are chasing a mirage - will the world really mover fast enough to dislodge windows - am waiting fir the day this would happen - but I do not see it happening in the next three years. This is ahuge development and the sheer magnitude and determination required to push this transition after a decision is taken would be an unimaginable stretch. I agrre that Linux is taking over in server software and in embedded software and has the potential to gain substantial growth.
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