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Saturday, March 27, 2004

After May 1, East Europe's 'Haves' May Have More via NYTimes

As Europe expands in a quest for prosperity and elusive unity, many among its new members in the East fear that hundreds of thousands of people may be left behind in a new underclass, throwbacks to the lost era of command economies and state control.The European Union has always known its relative disparities, and to create a unified whole it has over the decades self-consciously transferred wealth from richer countries like Germany and Luxembourg to poorer ones like Portugal, Greece and Ireland.But never before has the union invited into its well-padded ranks the kind of economic malaise to be found in rural Poland, the eastern reaches of Slovakia and Hungary and the countryside of the Baltics.The phenomenon observed in this article has a lot of relevance to China & India - as the giant wheel begins to rotate as more and more of india and china integrate into the global economy.

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