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Monday, October 10, 2005

SOA Adoption - Formative Now & A Long Journey Ahead

WebMethods survey finds that more than half of the respondents (webMethods customers) were already conducting more than 10,000 Web services transactions per month. Web Services deployment is seen as almost universal and initiatives like CRM, SRM, SCM & regulatory pressures like SOX and focused efforts like quality initiatives leverage web services substantially. WebMethods reports that about six percent, were even handling more than one million Web services transactions per month.The survey indicates that firms remain bullish on SOA, with accelerating deployment of Web services paving the way to broader SOA adoption. Specifically, over 80% of respondents indicated that they currently deploy Web services within their enterprise, even though the majority of customers consider their SOA strategies still formative. Lack of widely accepted methodologies and related business case analysis tools outpaced concerns regarding technology considerations as key challenges(Consulting & service companies - smell a huge chnace here). Lance Hill of webMethods identifies that while users recognize the benefits of Web services as part of a broader service-oriented architecture strategy, a real gap remains in the knowledge assets that enterprises can use to transform their early-stage ambitions into long-term operational realities. Coupled with rapidly maturing technology, this practical need for real-world methodologies, education and the sharing of best practices is poised to emerge as the key enabler for more widespread SOA adoption over the coming year. Reuse, lower cost of integration and faster rollout are seen as the key drivers for SOA rollouts and low knowledge of SOA, concerns on ROI & lack of governing standards are seen as the constraints. I must add SOA plans call for larger preparation, efforts and massive mindset change is a pre-requisite for success. I wrote sometime back that in terms of potential SOA clearly can bring wonders to organisations in providing more flexibility, better returns and can amplify the power of delivered IT value inside enterprises - the challenge to any CIO is a minimum two fold - understanding the true signifance of SOA inside their respective enteprises - identifying the right solution fitment to their context and be seen as protected in the present and future and at a different level truly differentiating between genuine SOA solutions and me toos - almost all packaged software guys today say that they are pioneering SOA/SOA compliant , a good diligence exercise may need to be made to get at the right technology elements. Britton Monasco has an interesting perspective on the survey results as well. While early indications about poor adoption of SOA within enterprises were available, the survey result takes our understanding to a new level. Clearly the industry needs to do a lot more to help enterprises adopt SOA and potentially benefit - Guys, this is a huge opportunity indeed for both the industry and the business in general.

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