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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Directing Online Traffic To Your Business In Future

Paul Allen of Infobase ventures makes an excellent presentation on Directing Online Traffic to Your Business: Past, Present and Future. Excerpts:

- Imagine 3 billion cell phone users by 2010 who have access to the mobile internet, including Google Maps, and Google could overlay Froogle data about products on top of its Google Maps and Local Search. Any significant database could be overlaid onto Google Maps, giving mobile internet users the most interesting way in the world's history to find people, events, products- anything really.
- The world will change more in the next 10 years because of the mobile internet than it did in the past 10 years because of the internet. And the next 20-50 years will bring even more changes as nanotechnology starts to change all of the physical materials that are used in our present world.
- The connection between the physical world and the information world will be bridged by RFID and GPS systems. It's going to be wild, in both good and bad ways.
Now is the time for entrepreneurs to step forward, figure out where the puck is going, skate there, and take a swing

Tools for the 21st Century
- Yahoo Desktop Search
- LinkedIn.com
- Google Alerts
- My Yahoo
- Alibaba, Thomas Register
- Skype
- Instant Messaging
- Blackberry RIM (or equivalent)

The complete presentation is available here

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