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Monday, April 18, 2005

RFID : No Takeoff Signal At Airports!!

Via(RFID Times)RFID tags may not be seen in airports for baggage tagging – due to high costs.We may see some innovative solutions like luggage tagging traceable through the internet like the one form globalbagtag.com.
Supplychainreview.com writes,The promise of electronic tracking for luggage is still very much a thing of the future as cash strapped airlines are reluctant to invest in the costly technology. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) help so much promise against the nightmare of lost luggage. The RFID chips were to be attached to the bag at check in but the high cost of implementing the system has discouraged all but a handful of airports from installing the detectors and readers needed for the system to function. An UK based company Globalbagtag.com produces a luggage tag that is traceable via the Internet without the need for costly RFID technology. It claims to have a proven "here now" system which can be quickly implemented by the airlines, airports and luggage manufactures. The company says they do not charge airlines or airports to use the system and the do not need any kind of costly equipment to read the globalbagtags, all that is needed is internet access.
My Take: While I have note used this service nor evaluated it, aviation industry is always relete with lot of small company/startups offering specialised solutions - I have seen big airports/airlines trying niche solutions from small players. I am more curious to know about the revenue model of globalbagtag.com and also how many airlines would share information - and what specific advantage that a customer may see by getting the info from globalbagtag site as against finsing it in respective airline/airport site - the case of online common ticket booking may not be the right example to look at. RFID total cost of investment is beginning to show moving slightly downward oflate - Also convenience matters a lot - RFID is almost realtime - not sure about globalbagtag.

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