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Saturday, February 05, 2005

How To Generate Better Ideas And Be More Creative

Dave comes with an approach to create your Personal Creativity Profile. The Profile will tell you:
- When and where you get your best ideas
- How your sources of great ideas differ from others, and why
- How you can make more time and space for creative activities

In this post, Dave helps with
A. Survey creation process for yourseld
B. Copy the questions, normalized average rankings (which he provides) and your
answers into a spreadsheet, and
C. Publishing results, visual interpretation and proving inference and graded scores
Dave concludes, we can finalise based on the results, - What works for you, and why? Are there times and places and techniques that aren't on this list at all that seem to surface great ideas for you? In what ways does your ideal environment for idea generation differ from mine, and from the other survey respondents'? And are there ways you could be spending your time a little differently to allow your right brain to get some more exercise?

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