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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Top Ten Technology Trends

Businessweek writes,Perhaps the most enduring quality of Silicon Valley's business leaders has been the ability to see The Next Big Thing. Make the right bet, and you're a billionaire with rock-star cachet in the local tech set. Call it wrong and, well, that leads to the Valley's most endearing quality -- the ability to laugh when things go horribly awry. This is so whether it's the pen-computing fiasco of the early '90s or all those companies that were sure millions could be made selling pet food online during the dot-com boom. Businessweek reports on the list of top ten technology trends that came out of discussions at The Churchill Club early this week. Among the panelists were Esther Dyson, John Doerr,Roger McNamee, Joe Schoendorf.

The agreed list of Tech's Top 10 Trends:

1. Web services will evolve and create new businesses

2. Patients will demand online medical records

3. Corporate computing won't see big changes for at least five years

4. The next big tech innovation will come out of China

5. Blogging and other online content will force traditional media to change

6. California will lead the world in embryonic stem-cell research

7. Text messaging will become more pervasive

8. New consumer technologies will appeal to more than just young hipsters

9. Every consumer-electronic product you own is about to become obsolete

10. Utility computing will keep tech spending strong

UPDATE : Indexed Forever blogs about the Churchill Club, Top Ten Trends detailing out individual views of the set of panelists adding this year was less interesting, and very poorly produced.But anyway, here are the trends with my thoughts as well. These are supposed to come true in the next 2-3 years. A nice blog about an important event. I think that Doerr,Perkins,Mcnamee on both web services and demography trends centric application,Schonderf, Perkins and Dyson on SMS centric applications are trends that would definitely happen - As noted, these trends are valid for 2-3 years.
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