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Monday, November 01, 2004

Is the IBM WebSphere product family unnecessarily complex?

Peter Abraham of IT-Director.com has published a nice article about complexity of IBM websphere product. The article says, that as per competitors, the IBM WebSphere product family unnecessarily complex. Excerpts : - A common explanation is that the complexity means that IBM sells lots of consultancy to help implement projects; although this is a good jibe against IBM it is patently untrue. Spending five dollars on consultancy for every dollar of software makes the total cost of the project very high. Even IBM would not survive long if the competitors' ratio was, say, two to one off a lower software cost. It might be attractive in the short term but it is an unsustainable business model. In the worst scenario the consultants would not be from IBM.A better model is that the client spends the same amount on consultants but gets two or three times the business benefit which will drive further spending on IT.Another reason is that IBM has bought a lot of technology and creating overlaps and underlaps in the combined portfolio, fixing this has been a harder, slower and sometimes politically more complex process than had been foreseen. There is an element of truth in this but similar effects can be seen in many of the competitors.

One valid reason for complexity is that the WebSphere product line is function rich and covers a very wide solution space. This is good for those clients who need it all but frustrating for the majority with a simpler problem to fix. Many competitor have managed to win these clients with a less function rich product that is simpler to use, even though some of these clients have found that the honeymoon only last two weeks.

IBM appears to agree that the answer is yes with a few buts. The first but is that their market share has grown, in a quickly growing market, every year in the last five, so they must be doing something right. The second but is that they have been addressing this issue over the last year or two specifically with the Express options. However they realise that they should do much more and they have plans in place to simplify the WebSphere experience. There is a new mantra:

-Simpler to buy
-Simpler to sell
-Simpler to install
-Simpler to implement
-Simpler to manage
The IBM WebSphere Business Integration Connect Express V4.2.1 - for i-Series is a packaging of hardware, software and services to give simple and fast business partner integration with a minimum of effort for the enterprise. It could be considered as a business partner integration appliance.Now there is a mantra and a management focus we can expect results this year and early in 2005. It would appear that IBM's market share is likely to grow again next year.

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