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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wikipedia Reaches One Million Articles

Wikipedia announced the creation of the one millionth article in Wikipedia, its project to create a free, open-content, online encyclopedia (Wikipedia.org (http://en.wikipedia.org)). Started in January 2001, Wikipedia is currently both the world's largest encyclopedia and its fastest-growing, with articles under active development in over 100 languages. Nearly 2,500 new articles are added to Wikipedia each day, along with ten times that number of updates to existing articles.Wikipedia now ranks as one of the ten most popular reference sites on the Internet, according to Alexa.com .It is increasingly used as a resource by students, journalists, and anyone who needs a starting point for research. Wikipedia's rate of growth has continued to increase in recent months, and at its current pace Wikipedia will double in size again by next spring.With its dedicated community of volunteers, Wikipedia has also gained recognition as a website for community interaction.Wikipedia is created entirely by volunteers who contribute, update, and revise articles in a collaborative process. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, said, "The idea of sharing knowledge is powerful." The process is governed by Wikipedia's official neutral point of view (NPOV) policy, which requires that contributors work to avoid bias in writing articles. Even articles covering controversial topics can be developed using this process. Contributors build upon each other's changes and flawed edits are quickly repaired. "Everything is peer-reviewed in real time," said Wales.Wikipedia runs on a wiki software platform called MediaWiki, which allows anyone to edit a page at any time and have one's changes visible instantly (wiki means 'quick' in Hawaiian). Visitors can also examine older versions of pages to see how an article has developed. Wiki is a real new trend with enormous potential in future on various facets of online activities.I visit wiki regularly,only to see me visiting the site progressively more and more and frequency of visit is ever increasing - thats true of almost everyone that i know of in terms of using wiki.

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