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Monday, September 20, 2004

Towards an internet in space

Vint Cerf, Internet pioneer says,"We are not too many years away from having a kind of two-planet internet in operation."
Vint Cerf discusses the possibilities and potential of intenet in space by thinking through key questions like The internet in particular, this global system - what might we do to take those lessons and apply them to the support of the exploration of the solar system? What you should appreciate is that whenever we launch a spacecraft it has on board a collection of instruments to sense various things.
It could be high quality photography, or things to sense infrared, or types of minerals and things like that that are on the surface of the planet.We are trying to find out what is out there but in order to get that information back to Earth we have to communicate. What we are looking at now is the possibility of using the internet kinds of protocols to support the communications for spacecrafts that are moving around in the solar system.Reporting the progress made for, Vint Cerf says,"We defined the lower two levels: they are already on board the two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, that are on the surface of Mars today.The other layers of protocol that we are testing here on planet Earth, we hope to send to outer space in around 2009 with a specialised telecommunications orbiter.We are not too many years away from having a kind of two-planet internet in operation." Very inquisitive and important research and development to watch.
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