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Monday, September 13, 2004

Software Chief Gives IBM a Vertical Push via eWeek

Steve Mills says,"It's perfectly logical in terms of what the customer is doing. The buying patterns and interest and behaviors of customers is something you always have to be watchful of. And what we're trying to do is to ensure that the appeal of our technologies, which is a statement of what the technology is, combined with how we bring it to market, matches the way that customers are thinking about their business problems and how they go through their eval processes for choosing technology". Steve Mills amplifies his thoughts by saying,"In a logical sense, you don't want to leave yourself at the bottom, if you will, of the technology ladder, because that's invariably where the commoditization is occurring. You need to continue to move toward areas that businesses see greater value add, more connection to the business problems that they have today, and those that they see as critical long term. You know—strategic, transformational, needs requirements and issues. And we've been on this path now for some time. Our middleware strategy has been one of a focus on satisfying the need for biz process integration, you know, tie the value chain together, this whole notion of connecting the customer through your internal processes, through your supply chain. Real-time enterprise, synchronized commerce, straight-through processing". Clearly this is the route for EAI players to retain leadership - differentiation through verticalisation and broadbasing the product architecture and offerings.IBM is clearly muscling into the market, with a clear strategy to dominate the various market segments and combined with IBM's superior marketing strength is surging to become a dominant player indeed.
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