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Monday, September 20, 2004

Martin Taylor, Linux Strategist Of Microsoft On Its Future via Cworld

Microsoft sees Novell - not Red Hat as the key proponent of Linux. Microsoft also anticipates IBM focussing on Linux centric service opportunities.Microsoft thinks that in the long term, Novell is their greatest Linux competitor as because they have the best point-to-point stack from the kernel through to the application layer and things that go on top of it. Now the challenge will be [that] they're going to need to do stuff to differentiate themselves from Red Hat, which then means that they need to find ways to basically almost have a customized distribution. And you can end up with Linux not being Linux, but Red Hat Linux being different than Novell SUSE Linux, Debian Linux and Mandrake, or whatever the case is. Microsoft says that it is already beginning to see some of that with how they're taking snapshots of the kernel, where the kernel is and putting it into their distributions. The trend seen by Microsoft in respect of Linux are:

A. Linux is considered more as an alternate to Unix.
B. With people on the fence, indemnification of Linux is tilting the scale towards Microsoft.
C. The commericalisation of Linux is deglamorising linux as a non-commericial software and hence that edge no longer exists.
Microsoft beleives that TCO, Reliability and Security would force more users to stck to Windows or move towards Windows. These look like poor arguments from the world largest's software company to make - instead of saying that we are better than linux on these, we have these that Linux does not have, our scalability is very high and much better ,our future roadmap is this- which Linux can't provide etc.. Microsoft is forced to raise ordinary issues around Linux to protect its turf.
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